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My Works

The Last Tiffany: a Biography of Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham

Dorothy Trimble Tiffany was born to splendor in the Tiffany mansion in Manhattan on October 11, 1891. She was the last-born child of glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany and became the closest friend and colleague of Anna Freud, the daughter of Sigmund Freud.

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Artist for the Ages.

Few American artists have undergone such radical shifts in critical opinion as Louis Comfort Tiffany. Although born in 1848 into a family of great wealth, Tiffany was nevertheless a hardworking perfectionist, relentless in his quest for beauty in art. Initially as a painter, then as an interior designer and experimenter in the medium of glass, Tiffany attained in his early manhood a position of great status in the arts. However, by the time of America's entry into the First World War, many critics began to consider Tiffany's art shallow and outdated, and throughout the '30s and '40s he was for the most part forgotten. By 1946, the Tiffany revival had begun with an exhibition of his works held at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York, organised by Edgar Kaufmann jr, Lillian Nassau and Edward Wormley.