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"Laurelton Hall: Louis Comfort Tiffany's Masterpiece,"
North Shore Historical Museum, Glen Cove, Long Island

Laurelton Hall in May 1914

Date to be determined


Presenter: Michael Burlingham │ Great-grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany and NYC-based writer, editor, and photographer


Shortly after receiving his inheritance at age 54, Louis Comfort Tiffany expanded his holdings around Cold Spring Harbor to 580 acres, including a former picnic ground and five-story resort hotel called Laurelton Hall. It was ideally situated on a hill overlooking a natural cove. The foundations of the mansion were laid over those of the hotel.
Tiffany planned what would become, ultimately, his masterwork—as it expressed both the breadth and depth of his talents, and because he designed, built, landscaped, and furnished to please only himself and his family.


Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Lecture and book signing